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Our Corporate Products

In the beginning there was nothing. Clifton purely produced gifting products like postcards, greeting cards, giftwrap, gift bags, and gift boxes for the retail market.

Very slowly and gradually we entered the corporate market, as promotional gift companies became aware of our products for corporate golf days and other promotions. Then we entered into a relationship with our first corporate client that used us for their packaging needs. It was Vitria Glassware who are still a valued client today.

From then on, purely by word of mouth, our client base increased regularly over the years. By now our client list, direct or indirect through agencies, reads like a Who's who of South African business. Couriers and their trucks arrive daily to deliver our products all over South Africa.

What makes us different?

We are not printers, but we do printing. We are not silk screeners, but we do silk screening. We are not book binders, but we do book binding, and so on, and so forth. Our energy is completely concentrated on understanding the final product and our clients' real needs, and then finding the best solution for them, with their required quality and the available budget in mind. It might involve digital printing, litho printing, silk screening, foiling, laminating, covered boxes or folded cartons, whatever is agreed upon, we have the best solution for the job at hand.

We now have a staff compliment of around 100 people, compared to the 7 staff right through the 1990's. All these years we have never had to work short time nor retrench any staff and we want to continue creating job opportunities. By continuing to understand our clients needs and giving them what they require, we will continue to grow the business and provide opportunities for our staff, and as a result will have a solid and financially viable business
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